A Grateful Heart

Thanksgiving is once again coming to a close.  The belly’s are full, the kitchens are cleaned.  The families are lying around, some snoring louder than the others. Oh, what joy.

Why does it take one day of the year to truly celebrate our Thanksgiving?  Many will disagree and that they are thankful for all their blessings.  I for one have realized I need to count them as I lay my head upon my soft pillow every night.  We do not mean to take things for granted but if we are honest, we do. We have so very much to be thankful for and we should do it on purpose.  Let people know everyday, make those calls, write those letters, hugs your loved ones and let them know your true heart, not a simple ” I love you”, more like, ” You truly bless me so very much with your smile and hugs and the way you love me”.  Refreshing? I believe so.  An Attitude of Gratitude is done on purpose.  I am renewing my purpose!

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When we feel left out – how to find courage and stand tall

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The Heart

Heart-BrokenCan you really break?
Like shattered pieces of china
Can you truly heal?
Be whole again?

How can you function?
Pumping blood in all directions
When your broken into pieces
Will not some parts suffer

Oh great Heart you do so much

Too much my tired old heart

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Liquid Prayers

Whispers never heard
Silent tears falling like rain
Prayers through the fears
More liquids drops of pain

Too big of a heart

Worn on a sleeve

How does one make it smaller

Where no one can see



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Double Edged Sword

Words. The tongue is the only weapon that cannot be tamed.  Words flow from our mouths like water from a mountain spring.        Sometimes they flow like  fresh mountain spring water that feeds and…

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Double Edged Sword

Words. The tongue is the only weapon that cannot be tamed.  Words flow from our mouths like water from a mountain spring.

double edge sword       Sometimes they flow like  fresh mountain spring water that feeds and nourishes the thirsty grounds of our souls and spirits. Beautiful. encouraging,life-giving. The only type of water that can fulfill the thirst of a drought ridden soul. Cool, refreshing, uplifting and the kind that brings that smile of ours to our very eyes. How easy it is to do.   How we rarely do it. How we refuse to uplift another. I will not brag that I am perfect and use my words the right way. I am very quick to apologize and appalled at what I have said. Perfection for me will be achieved in Heaven. So, I guess my apologizes will have to do.  After all I personally know they are from my heart. I keep on trying.

de1e6cf843d25b97d5e84ef9a0c6be32Then there are those words that bellow and burn from the hot springs bubbling up into a loud and cruel roar. Where swear words come out of mouths and tempers rise out of control. When the goal is to burn that very person to bones and dust. A verbal cremation of sorts.  These words bring sadness. pain,bitterness, resentment and too much more. They can never be taken back. I once showed my children the power of words by emptying a ketchup bottle on a paper plate.  I then told them those are all the horrible words you have said to others.  Now try getting them back into the bottle.  As you can imagine, they could not.Words can be weapons that cause deep wounds. We do our best to forgive those weapons stabbed into us yet they linger in a very painful way. Repenting is the only way I believe to truly heal those wounds.

Every day we have the opportunity to use and choose our words.  No matter what our emotions may be. We still have a choice.  We are blessed with that freedom to choose.We can only blame ourselves for which side of the sword we choose. NEVER take verbal abuse  Leave that person and place..  It is abuse PERIOD. No need to candy wrap it with excuses. We can choose to keep our word. We can choose to speak life or death with our own mouths.  When we do fail, and we will, repent quickly and from your heart. Do we really want to leave wounds with white lies.abuse.lies.deceptions and fierce anger?  Just my thoughts and my personal prayers for the day.Hebrews4-12

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Never Give up — Cristian Mihai

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via Never Give up — Cristian Mihai

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Not as Strong as We Think We Are

We are frail, we are fearfully and wonderfully made Forged in the fire of human passion, Choking on the fumes of selfish rage With these our Hells and our Heavens So few inches apart We must be awf…

Source: Not as Strong as We Think We Are

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The Homecoming King

This past week I’ve been feeling nostalgic. Life was kicking my butt, and I wanted to go back to the States, go back to being young, go back to High School. I contacted some of my high school…

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The Harvest of 2014

For Edward Speer
With Jesus on 11/10/14

Like autumn leaves swirling
Dancing in the air
My emotions are just like them
Seems they are everywhere

They dance with the wind
Not knowing where they will land
So it is with my tears
Of missing you my friend

Seasons pass too quickly
Memories rush my mind
Of Rocky Mountain laughter
To Florida’s waves and tides

Gentle words and gentle hands
A heart that knew much pain
I long to hear your voice again
I long to see your face

On this Autumn day my friend
The Lord has called you home
You sing with Holy Angels
And walk the streets of gold

One day I shall enter Heaven’s Gates
I know your face I will see
Until then I will hold fast
To our memories

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Personal growth?

Wonderful and wise and very real!


How do we measure personal growth?
How do you really know if you’ve become a better person or if you’re just the same old you?


Personal growth seems to me invisible. Something that just happens and is not showing until you face some old challange and notice how you face it so very differently. Or do we? It that a sighn of personal growth or is it just new tactics?

Trying to define the terms I really wonder what growing means. just googeling the terms i found a lot of people with a lot of opinions about personal growth and how to achieve it. According to some, personal growth includes improvement of dealing with situations, emotions and people. It is self-awareness and awareness of people around you.  It could be to be true to oneself or to handle emotions better. It could be to take control of life or to…

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